Julia Vogl | About Julia
Julia Vogl is a qualified journalist / TV presenter / actor/ model and producer based based in Melbourne, Victoria.
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About Julia

Julia Vogl is a nomadic Australian actress,  music journalist, presenter, and documentary-maker based in Melbourne.

She is the entertainment correspondent for Australian and NZ prime time TV show The Project on Channel Ten, as well as Hoyts Cinemas and is renowned in her homeland for her razor-sharp wit and penchant for challenging and provocative journalism spanning entertainment, music and celebrity.

As a confirmed global nomad, this freedom has allowed her her to set up base camp wherever she is. Experiencing and covering the influences of music, culture, nightlife, fashion and art in all forms.

Vogl is a young woman with a career spanning across multiple disciplines. From acting alongside teen sensation Katherine Langford from ’13 Reasons Why’ to interviewing the likes of Jack Black, Harrison Ford, Ryan Reynolds, Kate Winslet, Duke Dumont, Justin Timberlake, Idris Elba, James Corden and many more.

Specialising in interviews, Julia is also the producer and host of her own Youtube series Talk is Cheap.

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